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Revoada is a series of championships held in Brazil by the Moonlit Knights organization, with the purpose of enriching the community of Fighting Games fans, especially in Brazil, where we find one of its largest enthusiast bases.

Differentiating itself from other championship series, Revoada's DNA embraces and celebrates Brazil's rich artistic, festive and musical culture. The name "Revoada" itself is the synthesis of this mission. It involves itself with underground aesthetics, including graffiti and graffiti, to represent one of the most artistic aspects of our country. This unique and vibrant approach reinforces the importance of combining the passion for fighting games with the colorful Brazilian culture, resulting in an event that goes beyond gaming and becomes a cultural experience.

Creative Direction: Matheus Domingues
Design: Matheus Domingues
Motion: Dmitriy Nalegaca
Photography: Gabriel Felipe

Year: 2023
Country: Brazil

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